Technical Specifications


  • Fast & low-noise camera, e.g. pco.panda 4.2
  • Variety of detection lenses, e.g. selected models of the Nikon CFI60 and CFI75 water dipping series

Field of view & spatial sampling

Several detection lenses can be used to adjust the field of view and the spatial sampling. Representative images and numbers shown here assume a camera chip with 2048×2048, 6.5 μm pixels. The field of view can be reduced to increase acquisition speed or reduce data size, and several fields of view can be combined to cover a larger area.

1331 μm
650 nm/px

832 μm
406 nm/px

333 μm
163 nm/px

Sample movement

  • Motorized sample translation using PI L-505 or PI M linear stages
  • Motorized sample rotation using PI U-651 or U-628 stages
  • Recording of z-stacks
  • Multi-position recordings
  • Tiled acquisition
  • L- or T-SPIM: hanging sample can be rotated around its central/vertical axis
  • V-SPIM: surface with the sample resting on top can be rotated; two orthogonal z-stacks can be recorded


  • Laser illumination for fluorescence excitation using e.g. Toptica iChrome CLE laser modules
  • Static Gaussian light sheet formed by a cylindrical lens, with the option to pivot the sheet around the center of the field of view (mSPIM) and optional double-sided illumination
  • LED for brightfield illumination

Data storage

  • Image data is streamed from the camera to RAM and, in a parallel thread, saved to USB data storage


  • Flamingo #2 in T configuration is about 350 mm in diameter and 500 mm tall
  • Control box is 480 x 380 x 275 mm in size
  • Microscope and control box each fit in a Pelican 1660 Protector Case
  • Additional accessories are kept in a Pelican 1485 Air Case
  • All cases comfortably fit in a small car, e.g. Subara Crosstrek, with the rear seats folded down

The Flamingo #2 requires a workspace of at least 90 x 70 cm (35 x 28″). We recommend a workspace of at least 130 x 70 cm (50 x 28″) to have additional space for samples and laptop. The L-/T-/X-SPIM needs about 510 mm (20″) of clearance.